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related to industries and fields to serve product advertisement and introduction to the partners, how must they do? And it is the time when translation industry appears in Vietnam.Translation industry will be divided into small fields such as: notarized translation, translation of technical documents, translation of bidding documents, translation of medical and pharmaceutical documents, translation of IT documents, etc. All these papers and documents must be translated into another language which customers may understand the whole contents the company and individual wants to convey before being taken out of the national boundary in order to introduce the information to the customers. 


Concept of translation

Translation is an activity that explains the meaning of a text or a document in a certain language and conveys it to another language and the content of the translation version must be accurate to the original. Because the high accuracy is required in translation, the translators, in addition to their proficiency in foreign languages, must be knowledgeable about culture and language expression style in each sentence of the target language for good quality translation versions.

In the field of translation, there are two groups of translation and interpretation. Translation is usually translating a text from one language into another language. Interpretation is usually the oral translation or explanation of an oral statement of a person to another language so that the listeners may understand it.

Translation service Translation provides perfect multi-language translation services. Your text is conveyed to whatever language you desire in the best way. With a large team of the leading translation experts in English, Czech, Polish, German, French, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, Slovak, Spanish, Portuguese, etc., we will contribute to success of the businesses as well as enhance the image of the partner. 

Specifically, there are the following fields:

+ Notarized translation

+ Translation of pharmaceutical technical materials

+ Translation of finance- banking documents

+ Translation of marketing documents

+ Translation of bidding documents - project

+ Translation of legal documents

+ Translation of IT documents

+ Website translation

+ Translation of insurance - securities documents

Quality makes brand

Hanoitrans Translation Co., Ltd is a leading quality translation company in Vietnam. We provide professional multilingual translation services for organizations, businesses and individuals with good quality, fast speed and the most competitive cost. We provide professional translation services in many fields from advertising, engineering, business to law, etc. For big orders, we can choose the translation experts to complete the translation version in the shortest time with the best quality.

The translators’ qualification and dedication have helped us be praised by our colleagues and partners. Since establishment, Hanoitrans Translation has always paid attention to editing and quality test procedures to ensure that documents delivered to customers are accurate and smooth.

With modern and synchronous office equipment and professional design software, we can meet all your needs.

Coming to Hanoitrans Translation, we believe that you will be satisfied with our services. We hope to soon become your reliable and long-term partner in the future.

Translation of financial statements

Translation of financial statements

As the economy grows more drastically, the enterprises have opportunities to cooperate with foreign companies. All companies nowadays need to update their financial information in a variety of languages.
Translation and Notarization of study-abroad profile

Translation and Notarization of study-abroad profile

In recent years, the need for study- abroad has increased due to the needs of Vietnamese students to study in the environment of international standards. The number of students who want to study abroad is higher day by day.
Translation of technical documents

Translation of technical documents

Language is like an immense academic sea from the ancients’ point of view. Society has been specialized, people have been divided into jobs by different specializations and everyone must have understood the power of specialization.
Website translation

Website translation

Website translation is an extremely important translation field, especially for multinational organizations and corporations.
Translation of specialized documents

Translation of specialized documents

Translation is a difficult field. The translation from one language to another does not just translate the content of the texts but also the cultural, political and economic factors. Specialized translation means translating a specialized field. Each field has different terms.
Notarized Translation

Notarized Translation

Under the Notarization Law and Decree No. 79/2007/ND-CP, documents to be translated and notarized must be surrendered both the original and translation to the District Division of Justice to authenticate the translator’s signature and seal the Notarized Translation.
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