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Notarized Translation

So, what is Notarization Law? What is notarization?
Pursuant to the Notarization Law No. 53/2014/QH13 issued by the National Assembly of Vietnam, “Notarization is that a notary of the Notary Public Organization certifies the authenticity, legality of the contract and other civil translation in writing (hereinafter referred to as contract, transaction), the accuracy, lawfulness and non-contrast to social morality of the translation version from Vietnamese into a foreign language or vice versa (hereinafter referred to as translation version) required to be notarized by the law or by individuals and organizations voluntarily”
Who is Notary? Who requires notarization?
Under the Notarization Law:
A notarization applicant is a person who meets all conditions in accordance with the provisions of this Law and is appointed by the Minister of Justice to practice notarization.
The notarization applicant is a Vietnamese individual or organization or a foreign individual and organization that requires notarization of contracts, transactions or translation versions under the Notarization Law.
Which are notarized documents?
Notarized documents are contracts, transactions and translations certified by the notary under the Notarization Law.
Today, the demand for notarized translation is increasing in Viet Nam and in the world. However, the notarized translation (Justice authentication) of legal documents must go through many procedures and be time-consuming. Therefore, in order to save valuable time for our customers, is proud to provide the notarized translation service with criteria of the accuracy, speed, efficiency and the most competitive price. specializes in translation, notarized translation, certified translation of documents, records such as certificates of graduation, school reports, household registration books, certificates of birth, academic transcripts, driver’s licenses, study-abroad profile, company documents such as Bids, Economic and trade contracts, financial statements, labor documents in languages such as English, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai, Czech, Lao, Cambodian, Arabic, Dutch etc. into Vietnamese and vice versa.
Our translation products are always highly appreciated by enterprises, departments, individual customers for accuracy as well as schedule.
We are committed to always trying our best to become a reliable partner accompanying the development of domestic and international businesses and departments.
Come to Hanoitrans, you will be entitled to the following benefits:
1. Professional translators
2. Quality assurance translation process
3. Timely completion
4. The most competitive and reasonable price
With many years of experience in translation, we have accumulated tremendous experience, skills and databases, so we undertake our price is the most competitive and reasonable.
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