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Translation of financial statements

Financial statements are an important document for any company. Therefore, finding a reliable partner to translate financial statements is also a necessity. Hanoitrans is currently the leading company providing customers with the best financial statement translation service.

The current need for translation of financial statements 

Financial statements are a kind of important document that is necessary for any company. The information in financial statements accurately reflects the financial situation, income statement, the change of cash flow that is essential for making economic decisions. Because of its importance, for the best translation versions, the translator must be knowledgeable in economics, finance, currency and have good translation skills. 

Vietnam officially joined the WTO in January 2007. Integration into the world economy gives Vietnam the opportunity to do business with many developed countries in the region as well as in the world. However, language disagreement is one of the barriers for countries to exchange and work together. Understanding these difficulties, Hanoitrans has had solutions and qualified staffs for translation of financial statements.

Why do you should choose financial statement translation at Hanoitrans?

Hanoitrans is a leading translation company with many years of experience in translation in many fields. We undertake to make the utmost effort to provide customers with the best translation versions. With such strengths, we will accompany the development of enterprises.

Professional staffs


Since its establishment, Hanoitrans has always highly attached importance to staffs. We look for people not only with expertise, knowledge but also the mind for profession and prudence in work. They are lecturers in prestigious foreign language schools and universities in Viet Nam as well as the world and collaborators well trained before delivery of the documents. Therefore, the translations that we bring to our customers will be the highest quality translations.

The process of translating scientific financial statements

The scientific work process includes four stages: Classification of documents, translation, editing and acceptance of the translation version. Each step is always checked carefully before moving to the next stage to be able to bring the most correct translation versions to customers.

Timely completion

Hanoitrans always put the prestige on the top, so whether financial statement project is large or small, we always ensure timely completion and the best quality for customers. It is the reason why after many years of operation in this field, we always receive good feedback from customers.

The most competitive and reasonable price


With a lot of strengths in staffs, scientific work process and abundant resources, Hanoitrans may reduce the time and minimize cost for customers. We ensure to give customers the most affordable and competitive price nowadays.

Customer support 24/7

Our customer service team works 24/7 to answer every customer’s questions quickly and easily, which helps customers save time and better understand the translation service of financial statements.

Hanoitrans is a reliable partner of many big and small enterprises all over the country. If you are in need of translation of financial statements or want to find out more information about this service, please visit or call us via hotline 0944 86 22 66.




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