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Translation and Notarization of study-abroad profile

In recent years, the need for study- abroad has increased due to the needs of Vietnamese students to study in the environment of international standards. The number of students who want to study abroad is higher day by day. In order to complete the study-abroad profile, students cannot lack translated and notarized documents. Let Hanoitrans help you get things done quickly.

The minimum required documents for a study-abroad package 

Before you go to translate and notarize the documents, you need to find out the documents required in your profile. So what are those documents? In order to prepare them, you also need to know which country you are going to stay in. There will be differences in the documents required for study-abroad. However, a typical set should contain the following minimum documents:

- School records (translation and notarization)

- Academic transcript (if you pursue the Master’s Degree Program) or high school academic transcript (if you pursue the Undergraduate Program)

- TOEFL/IELTS score sheet

- Certificate of Criminal records: This is your identity record and the Vietnamese authority’s confirmation of Criminal Records such as the previous sentences.

- Study plan, letter of recommendation from your colleague or teacher who has taught, which is also important for the Embassy’s consular staff to have the legal bases to issue you a visa.

Notarized translation and Seal of the Department of Justice for completion of the study-abroad profile

In order to have a good study-abroad trip, you need to have a well-prepared plan and good study-abroad profile translated into the language of your destination country and sealed by the Department of Justice, which is the first step you need to do.

To save time and strength, you should choose the specialized units in this field. They will deal language translation, seal of Department of Justice and give you advice to have a valid study-abroad profile. Hanoitrans has many years of experience in translation and notarization to complete the study-abroad profiles, helping many students have satisfactory study-abroad profiles in the shortest time.

List of selected majors for international education program

- Finance- Accounting

- Anatomy and Psychology

- Aviation Engineering

- Architecture

- Law

- Arts

- Linguistics 

- Banking

- Pharmacy

- Finance


- Business

- Sociology

- Economics

- Psychology

- Chemistry

- Civil Engineering

- Design

- Education

- Hospitality

- Agriculture

- Human Resources Management

- Forestry and Food

- Sport Science

- Press and Publishing

- Computer Science

- Nurse

- Fashion and Textile

- Nursing

- Politics

Translation of multi-lingual study-abroad documents
Multilingual translation is our advantage, we receive translation of about 30 popular languages such as:

     • Romanian translation 

     • Filipino translation 
     • Peruvian translation
     • Malaysian translation
     • Malay translation
     • Italian translation
     • Indonesian translation
     • Greek translation
     • Dutch translation
     • Swedish Translation 
     • Thai translation
     • Cuban translation
     • Canadian translation
     • Bulgarian translation
     • Brazilian translation 
     • Argentine translation
     • Austrian translation
     • Myanmar translation
     • Cambodian translation
     • Lao translation 
     • Thai translation 
• Indian translation
• Portuguese translation
• Spanish translation
• Chinese translation 
• English translation
• Czech translation
• Polish translation
• Italian translation
• Finnish translation
• Arabic translation
• Hungarian translation
• Turkish translation
• Norwegian translation
• Romanian translation
• Danish translation
• Ukrainian translation
• Mongolian translation
• Russian translation
• German translation
• French translation
• Korean translation
• Japanese translation


Immediately contact Hanoitrans via hotline 0944. 862.266 for direct consultation and support.

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