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Translation of technical documents

The professionalism and prestige of Hanoitrans is reflected in the sustainable cooperation with the big partners such as UDIC Corporation, Hanoi University of Civil Engineering, EVN Hanoi, PECC1, PCC4, Ba Na Hill cable car, LIDECO, PIDI, Viwaseen, etc.
Hanoitrans specializes in translation and notarization of Bids for Bridge, Tunnel, Road, Port, Electric, Hydropower, Post Office, Hospital, Line Works, Transformer Station, Mining Technology, Geology, Natural resources, land, water, air environment, etc.
For construction bids: Translation of technical drawings, construction method, project description, cost estimate, notarized translation of contracts, notarized translation of financial statements, notarized translation of acceptance minutes, etc.
For equipment and industrial machine supply documents: Translation of User’s manual, notarized translation of contracts, notarized translation of Certificate of quality, Certificate of origin, catalogue, Manufacturer’s letter of authorization, etc.

Translation of Engineering and technology documents

Including engineering and technology materials in the field of Mining, Geology, Mineral Resources such as Mining, Mining Machinery and Equipment, Underground Works and Mining Construction, Mining Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Electric and Electronic Engineering, Mine electrification, mine and petroleum enterprise automation, geophysics, geochemistry, paleontology, mineralogy, sedimentology, engineering geology, geotechnical engineering, Petroleum drilling and exploitation, drilling exploration - survey, Petroleum equipment and works, Petroleum geology, Petrochemical refining, Geotechnical technology, Mineral technology, etc.
Environmental technology engineering, solid waste, gas, water treatment, toxic waste, industrial waste treatment, biotechnology, fisheries, flora and fauna, biochemical technology, pharmaceutical chemistry, medical biology, microbiology, nano, food technology, etc.
In addition to the above fields, Hanoitrans also provides technical document translation services in the electronic and telecommunication industry such as instructions for installation and operation, maintenance, operation monitoring and telecommunication network optimization, Telecommunications, Telecommunications Software, Information Technology

Translation of mechanical engineering, machinery and equipment documents

Hanoitrans provides English, French, German, Russian, Czech, Chinese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean translation services in the fields of mechanical engineering, industrial equipment and machinery, automatic parking system, automobiles, trucks, special-purpose vehicles in construction and industry such as certificates of origin, certificates of quality, catalogues, instruction for assembly, operation, maintenance, preservation, specifications, standards, etc.
The documents are translated by experienced translators and are edited by experts. Hanoitrans is committed to providing customers with quality translations with exact technical terms and advanced grammar.
With professional experience proven by the achievements gained through the development, Hanoitrans is looking forward to having the opportunity to become your long-term prestigious translation partner!

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